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TÁIN "Fer Diad's Going into the Duel"

  20, 2017 16:50

R1 1318 col 614   R2 1339 f82b 

R1: MS TCD 1318 (H 2.16, "Yellow Book of Lecan") f. 37b = col. 614  [photo: left]
R1: MS RIA 1229 (23 E 25, "Lebor na hUidre") ×
R2: MS TCD 1339 (H 2.18, "Book of Leinster") f. 82b  [photo: right]

R1: (ed.) O'Rahilly ed. (1976) ll. 2836-59 = p. 86-7 [trans. p. 202]
R1: (ed.) Strachan & Keeffe (1912) ll. 2448-71 = p. 86-7
R2: (ed.) O'Rahilly ed. (1970) ll. 2805-28 = p. 77-8 [trans. p. 216]

Faraday (1904) p. 66 [*These verses are omitted.]
Kinsella (1969) p. 176
Carson (2007) p. 187-8


Fer Diad's Going into the Duel

Text: O'Rahilly's R1  App. Crit.: from O'Rahilly's R2 & SK's R1  Literal Trans.: my own

q.1-1] Tíagam isan dáil-sea   do chosnom ind fir-sea
q.1-2] co rísim in n-áth-sa    áth forscara in Badb,
q.1-3] hi comdáil Con Culaind  dá guin tre cherd cumaing
q.1-4] co r-ruca trít urraind   corob de bus marb.

  *1 issin R2  cor SK  chosnam R2; cosnom SK
  *2 go R2  rrísem R2; rísin SK  int áthsa SK  fors ngéra R2
  *3 hi] I R2  chreitt R2
  *4 go R2; cor SK  rruca R2; rucur (?) SK  thrít R2  corop R2

Let's proceed to the meeting for the contention of (=with) this man,
until we reach that ford ― the ford on which Badb will cry out;
Into the meeting of (with) Cú Chulainn, for wounding (him) through (his) narrow body,
so that the spear-point would reach completely, so that he would thereby be dead.

q.2-1] Robad ferr dúnd anad    ní ba réid bar m-bagar
q.2-2] biaid neach dámba galar   far scarad bid snéid.
q.2-3] Techt in n-dáil n-alt n-Ulad  is dál dá m-bía pudar
q.2-4] is fada bus cumain      mairg ragas in réim!

  *1 rapad R2  dúib R2  réid] mín R2  far R2  magar R2 ; "b added later over the first a" SK
  *2 nech R2  diámba R2  bar R2  bud R2
  *3 ailt Ulad R2  dia mbia R2
  *4 fata R2  bas R2  chuman R2

Our staying (here) would be better; Votre conversation wouldn't be smooth;
There will be one to whom grief will come; Votre separating is swift;
Going to the meeting of (=with) a fostering of the Ulstermen is the meeting from which there will be misfortune.
(That) which will be remembered is long; Woe to him who goes (on) this course.

q.3-1] Écóir anní ráidhi   ní h-obair níad náire
q.3-2] nocho dluig áli    ní anfam fat dáig.
q.3-3] Bí tast dínd, a gilli;  bid calma ar síst sinne
q.3-4] ferr tendi ná timi,   tíagam isin dáil.

  *1 Écóir... ráidhi] Ní cóir ana rádi R2  hopair R2  níad] "d later under a" SK  náre R2
  *2 nocho... áli] ní dlegar dín ále R2  fad R2; fa[t]dáig SK
  *3 tost dín R2  gillai R2  sinni R2
  *4 teinni R2  timmi R2

That which you say (is) wrong; Diffidence is not the business of a warrior;
There is no right for timidity; (It is) likely (that) we will not stay (here) for long;
Let there be silence from it (=you?), O servant; One shall be brave, for... /
... for the time of strong (one) is better than (that) of feeble (one); Let's proceed to the meeting.



tíagam: téit v. imper. 1pl.
isan: i prep. + in artic. acc.
dáil: dál2 acc. sg.
do: ?
chosnom: cosnam form?
ind: in artic. gen.
fir: fer gen.
-sea: so? 'this'

co: co1 prep.
rísim: ro-icc 1pl.
in: in artic. acc. (nasalising)
áth: áth acc.
fors: for1 prep. ―― relative?
-cara: gairid3 v. fut. 3sg.
in: in artic. nom.
Badb: n. nom.

hi: i prep.
comdail: comdál n. acc.
Con Culaind: Cú Chulainn n. gen.
dá: do, de prep. (cf. Thurn. p.445 for its use with Vn.)
guin: Vn. of gonaid
tre: tre prep.
cherd: crett n. acc.
cumaing: cumung adj. fem. acc. sg.

co r-ruca: co prep. + ro-icc v. subj. 3sg.? (cf. Thurn. p.554)
trít: tre prep. < adv.
urraind (cf. K. Meyer [1906] Contributions, p.65):
  ur- (=ir-, aur-) (cf. Thurn. p.497) + rind n.
corob (cf. Thurn. p.554): co prep. + ro partic.
de: de prep. < adv. (cf. Thurn. p.238)
bus: is copula subj. 3sg.
marb: marb adj. m. nom. sg.

robad: is copula secondary future 3sg. (cf. Thurn. p.490)
ferr: maith adj. comp.
dúnd: do, de prep. with suffixed pron. 1pl. (cf. Thurn. p.274)
anad: Vn. of anaid
ní: neg. particle
ba: is copula subj. pres. 3sg.
réid: adj. m. nom. sg.
bar: =for2 poss. pron. 2pl.
m-bagar: magar n. (*the meaning in this passage is uncertain; cf. DIL s.v.)

biaid: attá subst. v. fut. 3sg.
neach: nech indef. pron.
dámba: do, de prep. + a- relative particle with nasal. + is copula fut. 3sg.
 (cf. Thurn. p.312 and 506 for the formation of do +
 = dia- )
galar: n. m. nom. sg.
far: =for2 poss. pron. 2pl.
scarad: Vn. of scaraid
bid: attá subst. v. consuet. pres. 3sg.
snéid: adj.

techt: Vn. of téit
in n-dáil: in artic. + dál2 n. gen. sg.
n-alt: alt4 n. gen.
n-Ulad: Ulaid n. gen. pl.
is: copula 3sg.
dál: dál2 n. nom. sg.
dá m-bía: de, di prep. + a- rel. partic. with nasal. + attá subst. v. fut 3sg.
(cf. Thurn. p.312: both prepositions do, de 'to' and de, di 'from', when combined with the rel. partic. a-, become the identical dia-.)
pudar: n. nom. sg.

is: copula 3sg.
fada: fota adj. & adv.
bus: is copula indic. fut. rel. 3sg.
cumain: cuman adj.
mairg: interj.
ragas: téit indic. fut. rel. 3sg.
in: artic. acc.
réim: Vn. of réidid

écóir: éccóir adj.
anní: in artic. neut. nom. sg. + deictic particle (cf. Thurn. p.299, 310 for the formation)
ráidhi: ráidid indic. pres. 2sg.
ní: neg. adv.
h-obair: opar n. f. nom. sg.
níad: nia1 n. m. gen. sg.
náire: n. nom. sg.

nocho: nícon neg. adv. (cf. DIL: "strengthened form of ")
dluig: dlug n. nom. sg.
áli: áile n. dat.
ní: neg. adv.
anfam: anaid v. fut. 1pl. (cf. Thurn. p.337)
fat: fot n. (*used adverbially here)
dáig: doich? adj. 'be likely to' (*used adverbially here?)

bí: attá subst. v. 2sg. imperat.
tast: tost n./adj.
dínd: di, de prep. + in article dat. sg. (cf. Thurn. p.293)
a gilli: n. voc. sing.
bid: is copula 3sg. fut.
calma: adj. m. nom. sg.
ar: conj.
síst: n. f. nom. sg.
sinne: pers. pron. stressed form 1pl. (cf. DIL, s. v. )

ferr: maith adj. comp.
tendi: tend adj. gen.?
ná: ná5 particle 'than'
timi: tim adj. gen.?
tíagam...: *the refrain of q.1-1



*The second quatrain has the complex rhyme, abbaabcc.
  ―― McClain, M. (1997) "Dos Bardos aos Trovadores" in GRIAL, p. 28.

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