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V. Aeneid 5.225-43

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*Any verb in this passage is translated, keeping the original tense-form as correctly as possible.
  present: blue  future: pink  past: red  subjenctive: green

And now there remains only Cloanthus at the very goal line;
The contender (=Mnestheus) chases and presses him with the greatest power.

Then the clamour is doubled indeed, everyone stimulates the chasing side enthusiastically, 
and the upper sky resounds with destruction.

These men (on C's ship) are indignant unless they could keep their own glory
and the acquired honour, and they want to sell their life for applause.
Success nourishes the others (on M's ship): They are able because they seem to be able.

And perhaps they (both) would have taken the prizes with the equal prows (on the goal line),
unless Cloanthus, stretching both of his palms towards the sea,
had uttered the prayers and had called the gods for the vows.

"O gods, for whom there is the rulership of the sea, whose surface I run,
I will place a brilliant bull gladly for you at the shore,
before an altar, as a plaintiff of this prayer; I will throw entrails
into the salty waves and I will pour the flowing wine."

He said so; And, under the deepest waves, all the chorus
of Nereids and Phorcus, and the virgin Panopea heard him (=his prayer),
and the father Portunus himself with his great hand pushed him proceeding;
The ship, faster than the South wind and flying arrows,
fled to the land and hid herself deep in the port.

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