The World's My Oyster, Which I with pen will open.

Petr. 74.14-7

  24, 2017 23:52

"Thus I wish to have my guardian deity favourable (to me); I will see to it that that Cassandra in military boots would be tamed.

"And I, a worthless man (> lit. a man deserving two penny), could have acquired ten million sestertii. You know I'm not telling a lie. Agatho, the perfumer of the mistress next door, took me aside (≠seduced me) and said: "I wish you won't allow your gene to be lost."

"But, as I do good things and don't want to be seen a rash man, I myself planted an axe on my leg.

"Truely, I will see to it that you would seek me with fingernails; and that you would now understand what you've done for yourself:

"Habinna, I don't hope that you will put her statue on my monument so that I, being a dead, won't have quarrels (with her).  Moreover, so that she would know that I can do (her) a bad (turn), I don't hope that she will kiss me, when I'm dead."

  •   24, 2017 23:52
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