The World's My Oyster, Which I with pen will open.


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Petr. 49.6-10

  09, 2017 22:37

Without delay, the cook was stripped and stood sadly between two torturers.

We all began begging and said: "That tends to happen; We beg, please release him; If he does it later, none of us will beg for him."

I myself, being very cruel and severe, couldn't restrain myself and said, leaning against Agamemnon's ear: "Clearly, this slave must be very worthless; Does anyone forget to gut a pig? By Hercules, I wouldn't overlook him (even) if he passes a fish."

But Trimalchio wasn't (as cruel as I am) and he said, with his face loosened into cheerfulness: "Thus, because you have such a bad memory, gut it in front of us."

Receiving his tunic, the cook took the knife and cut the belly of the pig hence and thence with the fearful hand.

Without delay, out of the wounds, which widened due to the inclination of the weight, sausages as well as black puddings were poured out.

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