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1.183-227 C. at Rubicon

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1.183-94 Appearance & Dissuasion of Goddess Rome 
Caesar had already overcome the icy Alpes in his march and had begun (=conceived) in his mind the huge revolt and the coming war.
When he came to the waters of the small Rubicon, a huge image of the trembling fatherland appeared to the general; She was distinct in the nocternal darkness with so sad an appearance; Pouring out white hair from the tower-bearing head, with her hair lacerated and with her arms naked, she seemed to stand by (him) and, mixed with lamentation, said:
"Where are you going farther? Where are you carrying my standards, men? If you are coiming legally and if you are citizens, (you are) permitted (to come) all the way up to here."
Then horror beat his limbs; his hair got stiff; and he, feebly restraining his feet, was keeping his footbprints at the extreme bank (of the river).

1.195-203 Caesar's Response
Soon he said:
"O Thunderer, who are looking at the walls of the great city (=Rome) from the Tarpeian rock, (O) Phrygian penates of the Julian race, (O) the secrets of snatched Quirinus, (O) Jupiter Latiaris living in lofty Alba, (O) Vestal hearths, and O Rome, the likeness of the great gods, please favour the task begun.  I'm not pursuing you with furious troops: Behold, I, Caesar, am here, as the victor both at land and sea and, wherever (I am) ―― if only it is permitted, now too ―― as your soldier.  He (=Pompey) is criminal; It is he who has made me your enemy."

1.204-12 Simile of Libyan Lion

Then he broke the delay of warfare and quickly carried the standards across the swollen river:
―― Just as a lion, in the dry land of heat-bearing Libya, when he sees the enemy close at hand, dubiously lies low, while he is collecting all the anger; Soon, when he stimulates himself with a whip of his savage tail, makes his mane stand on end, and roars greatly from the vast mouth, then he runs out through weapons, being secure despite so many wounds, even if a hurled lance of a swift Moor sticks or a hunting-spear penetrates his broad breast.

1.213-9 Topography of the Rubicon

The red Rubicon happens (=originates) in a modest source, is pushed by a little water, and creeps at the bottom of its valley when the boiling summer is glittering; As a certain border line, it separates Gaulish lands from Italian farmers.  Then the winter was providing power; Rainy Cynthia (=Diana/Moon), on the third day with its heavy horn, and Alpes, loosend by the moist breeze of Eurus, had increased its water.

1.220-7 "Alea Iacta Est."
First, the cavalry was put oblique against the river to receive water; then, at the soft ford, other soldiers easily break the waters, which had already been broken asunder.  When Caesar, having overcome the waters, reached the opposite bank and stood firm at the forbidden land, he said:
"Here, here I leave peace and defiled laws; I follow you, Fortuna.  Let the treaty (=triumvirate) be far from here; We have trusted it enough; We must make use of a battle as a judge."

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