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1.1-45 Proem & Laudation of Nero

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1.1-7 Proem
Of the war at Emathian plain, the war worse than a civil one, I sing; of the justice given to the crime; of the powerful people turned against their own vitals with victorious hands; of the kindred battle lines; of the fight of the all men of the shaken world for the universal sin, (which was waged) after the treaty of the rule had been broken asunder; of the standards against hostile standards; of the same eagles; and of the javelins threatening javelins.

1.8-12 Questions
What is this madness, o citizens; what a licence of the swords?  While arrogant Babylon was to be spoiled of Italian trophies and Crassus was wandering with his shade unavenged, was it pleasing (to you) that Rome should provide its blood to hostile peoples and that the war, which would have no triumph, should be waged?

1.13-23 Pontential Roman Expansion
Alas, how much of land and sea could have been provided with the blood that the civil hands have shed? ―― Whence Titan comes, where the night hides stars, where the midday burns at the burning region, and where the right winter, not knowing to be relaxed by the spring, tightens icy Pontus with Scythian cold!  Under the reign (of Rome) might they have already come: Seres, barbarian Araxes, and, if any, a tribe knowing the birth of the Nile.  If your love of impious war is so much, Rome, after you have subjected every region to Latin laws, turn your hands against yourself: yet an enemy is not wanting to you.

1.24-32 Description of Corrupted Rome
But now, ―― that the walls are hanging upon the half-ruined houses in Italian cities, (that) the huge stones lie low after the walls slipped down, (that) the houses are kept by no gurdian, and (that) few resident is wandering around the old cities; that Italy is shaggy with bushes and not ploughed for many years, and (that) the hands are wanting to the farmland asking for them ―― not you, fierce Pyrrhus, nor the Carthaginian (=Hannibal) would be the author of such destructions; No sword has happened to descend so inwardly; The wound of the Civil War sinks so deep.

1.33-45 Laudation of Nero
But if the Fate hasn't found another way for the coming of Nero, (if) the eternal kingdom was prepared for the Gods at so great a price, and (if) the Heaven couldn't be subject to its own Thunderer save after the war of the savage Giants, then, O Gods above, I don't complain about anything; these very crimes and sins for this cost are pleasing (for us).
Let Pharsalia fill the horrible plain; let Carthaginian shades get satisfied with the blood; let the ultimate war take place at fatal Munda; and let them be attached to these fates, Caesar, the famine at Perugia, the labour at Mutina, the fleets which the hursh Leucas pressed, and the Servile wars (waged) under the burning Ætna;  Rome, however, owes much to the Civil War, as these have been done for you.

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