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Quint. 2.4.15-17

  11, 2017 20:16

2.4.15  But as I would return to the point whence I have digressed: I want Narratio to be composed by writing, applying as much attentiveness as possible.  For, at first, when conversation is established, it is useful for boys to speak what they have heard for the sake of the ability of speaking; thus let them be forced to perform their Narration backwards and to run to and fro, from the middle towards each side soundly and deservedly; But (it is useful only for the boys) on the lap of the teacher, while they can't (do) greater things and when they've begun to connect things and words; soon they would make firm their memory:  Thus, when they have already learnt the form of right and corrected oration, unpremeditated chattering, non-waited consideration, and little time for standing up are truly suitable for an itinerary peddler.

2.4.16  Hence a foolish delight of uneducated parents (is born); and for the children indeed, the disdain for the work (=oration), the shameful face, the custom of speaking worst, the exercise of bad things, and what has frequently destroyed great advancements, the arrogant persuasion of themselves are born.

2.4.17  There will be his time for preparing easiness, and the very topic will not be passed over neglectfully from us.  Meanwhile, it is sufficent if a child writes something both with all and highest care and with plausible labor, as much as the age holds: Let him get used to it, and let him make the nature of this thing for himself.  He who learns to speak correctly earlier than (to speak) fast will be able to result in what we seek or the nearest to it.

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