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De Prov. 6.6-9 "Advice on Suicide"

  31, 2017 12:11

"But there happen many sad, horrible, and hardly bearable things."
(*God's speaking:) 'Because I couldn't rescue you from them, I have armed your minds against everything; Endure bravely.  This is where you surpass God; He is outside patience of evils, (but) you are above patience.  Despise poverty ―― none lives as poorly as when he was born.  Despise pain ―― it will either be loosened or loosen (us).  Dispise death ―― it will either finish or transfer you.  Despise fortune ―― to it I've given no weapon with which it would strike (your) mind.

First of all, I've taken care so that something would not keep you unwilling; Exit is open.  If you don't want to fight, it is allowed to fly.  Thus, out of everything that I've wanted to be necessary for you, I've made nothing easier than to die.  I've placed (your) life on a inclined place; Is it prolonged? Just pay attention (to it), and you will see how short and expedient the way to liberty leads.  I haven't put as long delays in exit as for those entering (life) (=as in birth); otherwise, if a man died so slowly as he is born, Fortune could have held a great power against you.

Let any time and place teach you how easy it might be to renounce Nature and to press upon her present to herself; Learn the death, between the very altars and the sollemn rites of those sacrificing, and while life is being wished: Great bodies of bulls fall with inadequate wounds and a hit of men's hand destroys animals of great powers; with a thin sword is the knot of the neck broken apart and, when the joint, which ties together head and neck has been broken off, such a massive body collapses.

The breath is not hidden deep and surely it is not to be dug out by sword; the vitals are not to be scrutinised, with one's wound pressed inwardly: Death lies at hand.  I haven't chosen a certain spot for these hits; it is passable (to death) wherever you want.  The very thing, which is called dying and in which one's spirit depart from his body, is briefer than as such a quickness might not be sensed (=is so brief that one cannot sense its quickness).  Whether a nod has knocked out the neck, whether water closes the breathing space, whether the hardness of the ground has broken into pieces those falling and slipping headlong, or whether the swallowed fire has interrupted the course of returning breath ―― whatever it is, (death) hastens.  Isn't there anyone ashamed? You are afraid for long of what is done so fast.

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