The World's My Oyster, Which I with pen will open.


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2.1-15 Opening

  25, 2016 01:37
And now wrath of gods was revealed; the world gave apparent signals of war; and foreknowing Nature overthrew laws and orders of the things by monstrous turmoil and declared the sin (=civil war). Why does it seem good to you, ruler of Olympus, to add to troubled mortals such an anxiety that they should know the coming destruction through fearful omens?

Whether the parent of the things (=the world), when it first received the formless kingdom and the raw material after the flame had gone out, fixed the causes eternally, bindinging itself as well by the (universal) law that restrains everything, and divided the world, which bears the ordained ages, by an immovable limit; or Whether nothing is ordained but uncertain chance is wandering, bringing changes to and fro, and it is chance that controls mortals: Let whatever you prepare be sudden; Let human mind be blind to the future fate; May those fearing be allowed to have hope.

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