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7.214-32 P's Battle Array

  14, 2017 17:08
The army, when it, gleamed on by the opposite ray of Phoebus, descending, was covering all hills with the light, was not sent into the plain at random: (rather) the unfortunate army took up its position in the firm order.

The care of the left wing was assigned to you, Lentulus, with the first, which was then the best in battle, and the fourth legion. To you, the combative, though the divinity was against you, Domitius, the front of the right battle was entrusted. And the strongest troops, which Scipio, a soldier here but the chief commander in Libyan region, was carrying, brought from the land of Cilicians, made thick the strength of the centre.

The mountain cohorts of Cappadocians and the Pontic cavalry with the loose reins were proceeding next to the streams and ponds of the flowing Enipeus.

Tetrarchs, kings, and great tyrants, all purple wearers, who were subject to the Roman sword, occupied most part of the dry plain. Thither Libya and Crete sent Numidians and Cydonians (respectively); thence there was the course of Ityraeans' arrows; thence the fierce Gauls marched against their accustomed enemy; thither Iberians brandished their combative shields.

Magnus, snatch away the peoples from the victor and, with the bloodshed of the world, take wholly all the triumphs at one moment (away from Caesar).
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