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Scholia on 7.525-35a

  13, 2017 15:57

Commenta Bernensia(ed. Usener [1869])

[525] NVLLOQ • PVDORE TIMENDI: (they are) the foreign soldiers who are not fearing the dishonour that they might be conquered.

[528] VT PRIMVS SONIPES TRANSFIXVS P • F •: Pompeian foreign cavalry.

[530] OMNIS EQVES CESSIT C •: turned into flight.

[532] PERDIDIT INDE MODVM C •: Caesarians started the killing without measure, certainly, as the enemy (=Pompeians) was put to flight. AC NVLLA SECVTA EST P •: Pompeians were no longer able to resume their power.

[533] SED HINC IVGVLIS HINC F • B • G •: but they (=Pompeians) wage the affair (=battle) by dying, while the others (=Caesarians) by killing.

[534] NEC VALET HAEC ATIES T • P •: it shows that the number of Caesarians were less (than that of Pompeians).

Adnotationes super Lucanum(ed. Endt [1909])

[525] IMMEMORES PVGNAE: (they are) the foreign soldiers who have been with Pompey. NVLLOQVE PVDORE T.: who would not blush (for the fact) that they are fearing.

[526] PRAECIPITES FECERE P. C. B.: it says that these foreigners, who had brought help to Pompey, suddenly being forgetful of the battle and flying with no shame of fearing, made it clear that the civil war could not be committed duly by barbaric troops.

[528] PECTORA: and * * *.

[529] MEMBRA REGENTES: of its master (=rider).

[530] GLOMERATAQVE N.: he (=Lucan) named the collected crowd of cavalries ‘nubem glomeratam.'

[532] PERDIDIT INDE MODVM: since then everyone was killed without measure.

[533] PVGNA: i.e. there was no battle afterwards because Pompeians were turned into flight. IVGVLIS: of Pompey's side, which was killed. FERRO: of Caesar's side, which was killing.

[534] NEC VALET HAEC A. T. P. Q.: i.e. the multitude of Pompeians, which could be killed in flying, was so many that Caesar's army could not continue killing.

Supplementum adnotationum super Lucanum(ed. Cavajoni [1984])

[525] NVLLOQVE PVDORE T.: i.e. with no shame of fearing.

[526] PRAECIPITES: flying.

[528] VT PRIMVM SONIPES ETC.: figuratively. VT: instead of postquam ('after').

[529] EFFVSI: thrown down.

[530] GLOMERATAQ. NVBES: the crowd of cavalries.

[531] CONVERSIS: turned into flight.

[532] PERDIDIT INDE MODVM C.: i.e. they were being killed without limit, without measure.

[534] HAEC ACIES: of Caesar.

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