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Contr. 2.7.6-9, exc.

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[6] Seduced so many times, did you not cover that face which had been capable of pleasing (men)? Did you not curse any ornament as the cause of such injuries? Asked for sex, she is silent, which is the next thing to promising (it). Inspect the wealth of the adulteress; let her be without punishment for what the seducer gave her, if there is something that he didn't give. Why do I count through them all one by one? What have I not bought for you all over the world? Poor me! I, the husband, with all my own wealth, am hidden in the presents of the seducer. 《Let her be my only heir.》 Why so? 'You have (it),' she says. 'He (=the seducer) has written down the reasons.' 《Because I couldn't corrupt her, though I had asked once, twice, and thrice.》

* Håkanson [1989]: 'She is not troubled with money thanks to what he gave her.'

[7] O happy are we, born in the very fortunate and, as they say, the golden age! Even those who seek unchast women honour chaste ones like this? 《You'll be my only heir of all my wealth, all my property, because she couldn't be corrupted, because she couldn't be subdued by so many seductions, because she has defended her chastity so faithfully.》 Don't tell us the name of the writer for a moment: do you not believe (that this is) the will of the husband? Look! (Suppose that) I have suspected no infamy in my wife and I am in mutual love, or so I believe, with my wife; nearly dying, if I want to get tablets and put a clause into a will about my gifts (=inheritance), I must seek (and borrow expressions) from the will of the seducer. 《Let her be my only heir, however strange and however unknown (she is for me), because she is so chaste and has not been corrupted.》

[8] What? There is no mother for him, such a censorial seducer? No sister, no kindred woman? Is none of them chaste? For that reason, certainly, he has been wandering around foreign cities, with such wealth, out of respect for unknown chastity. There no woman was chaste, where he was born; There none was not prostitute, where he was doing business. In the blank (of the) will (must be), 'A chaste heiress has been sought through my wandering.' I blame her for adultery; I have received her in marriage, have prayed for (getting) our sons from her, and would believe her chastity very willingly. Has the custom of our age already been away from any patience so much that a wife would be defended by alien witness against her husband's complaint? By heaven, however, at one time, the most splendid defence against opinions of others used to be: 'My husband is pleased with me.'

[9] And I, if you appreciate this kind of writing, will write like this in your presence: 《Let my wife be my heir, because she was loved greatly while I was abroad, because the she was left an heir by a young and lustful foreigner, and because she took the infamous inheritance.》 I lead you into judgement from these two wills. Which will you follow: the one where she is absolved or the other where she is condemned by her husband? One fruit of chastity is to be believed chaste; because of the nature of women, against any enticement and charming, it is like the ground and the firmament to have fallen into no rumour. †Perhaps it is not easy and horrible to come under the judgement of people for those who will give many and various experiments of decency (=chastity).† One honour of a woman indeed is chastity and thus she must take cares to be and to be seen chaste...

*1 muliebribus ingeniis: why ablative? translation?
  solum ac firmamentum: translation?

*2 meaning? translation?
  Håkanson [1989]: 'Perhaps a good man takes care of the name of the man in judgement; then he gives many and various experiments of his virtues. meaning? translation?

[Excerpta] Avarice is the foundation of vices of women. Those women who cannot be afraid of rumour about adultery cannot be afraid of adultery (itself). Shellfish, with which their clothing is dyed red is collected from any rock. A flock of slave women labours so that the adulteress would be transparent in a thin dress and her husband would know nothing more about his wife's body than any stranger or foreigner. I will estimate her future chastity; meanwhile I have found her guilty of unchasteness though she is denying. Everyone says you are unchaste; only one foreigner says you are so chaste; he, a praiser, harms (you) more than an accuser. I've never heard my wife is chaste except in the will of the adulterer. Throw down your eyes onto the ground and close your ears to the voices of strangers: let each one, for itself, refuse for you. He said she is chaste and I say she is unchaste; methinks you will trust a citizen rather than a foreigner, a husband rather than a adulterer. He has written this clause in a will with the heart of seducer. He said, 'I have learnt her chaste,' but it (could) happen to none except me.

AGAINST. She is beautiful: nature sinned it. She was without her husband: the husband sinned it. She was seduced: another man sinned it. She denied: she did it chastely. She was left an heir: she did it fortunately. She received the inheritance: she did it considerately.

* sibi quisque: translation? meaning?

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