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10.20-52 Denunciation of Alex.

  24, 2017 14:09

There lies the mad son of Macedonian Philippos, the fortunate plunderer, snatched away (=suddenly killed) by the fate, the avenger of the world. Men placed his limbs, which were to be scattered all over the world, in a sacred shrine. Fortune spared his shade and the fate of his kingdom lasted to the last (=recent times). For, if the liberty had ever  the world to herself, he would have been kept for mockery ― as a man born as a useless example for the world, telling that the whole world could be under (the control of) one man.

He deserted the border and the hiding place of his own Macedonians (=fatherland) ; looked down on Atheans, which were conquered by his father (=Philippos) ; rushed through the peoples of Asia, killing humans, driven by the urging fate ; executed his sword through all peoples ; mixed unknown rivers, the Euphrates and the Ganges, with Pesian and Indian blood. He was a fatal evil of the world, a lightening, which struck the all peoples equally, and a star unjust for them.

He was ready to introduce his fleets in the Ocean, the outside of the sea. None of these stood against him: flame, sea, barren Libya, or the desert Syrtes. He could have gone to the West following the curve of the earth, gone round the poles, and drunk (water of) the Nile from a fountain. (But) the last day attacked him: Only the Nature could place the end to the mad king. Out of jealousy, he took away with him the imperium, with which he had seized the whole world, no heir of his fate being left, but he left the cities (=his empire) to be torn asunder.

But he, feared by Parthians, died in his Babylon (=that he had conquered). What a shame! Eastern peoples feared the sarisas (=the Persian phalanx) more closer than they now fear the javelins of our people (=Romans'). Though we would rule up until under Arctus (=the North) and the home of the Zephyros (=the West), and oppress the lands back behind the burning Notos (=the South), as to the East we yield to the lord (=Alexander) of the descendants of Arsaces (=the Parthians). Parthia, the unfortunate (land) for Crassi, was a peaceful province of the little Pella (=Macedonian kingdom).

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