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4.799-824 Paneg. on Curio

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Panegyric on Curio: a demonstrative speech

What now do they avail you, the Rostrum upseted (by you) and the Forum, the citadel of the Tribunus Plebis, whence you, as a standard-bearer, gave arms to people? What do they avail you, the betrayed laws of the Senate, and the father- and the son-in-law (=C&P), who were ordered to join the battle?

You lie before the fatal Pharsalia brings together (=confronts) those generals, and watching the civil war was denied to you. Powerful people, you pay these penalty to carry to the miserable city (=Rome) from your own blood, you allow the miserable city (=Rome) to exact these punishments with your own blood, and you clense the arms with your throat (=death) like this.

Rome would be fortunate and have happy citizens, should the care of liberty please gods as much as the vengeance does. Behold, Curio, his noble body, concealed by no tomb, feeds Libyan birds.

However, because it is not useful to be silent over those deeds, by which your fame rejects the very feebleness of the ages, we give you, young man, a worthy commendation of your deserving life. Rome has brought no other citizen, with such talents or to whom, when him following the righteousness, the laws owed more.

Then the destructed age harmed the city Rome, after ambition, luxuary, and the fearful power of wealth had carried away his dubious (=inconsistent) mind with its crossing torrent ; Changed Curio, haunted by the booties of Gaul and Ceasar's gold, was the cause of everything.

Though powerful Sulla, fierce Marius, bloody Cinna, and the line of Caesarian house got the right of sword (= the power to use arms) against our throat, to whom was such a power granted? They all bought Rome, while he sold it.

*Asso's commentary not refered to yet

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