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MSS of ICC 567-70

  10, 2017 23:00

MS F fol. 11v 23-6 (saec. XV)

MS F fol.12r 1-4 (saec. XV)

MS S fol. 5v b22-31 (saec. XVII)

【F】 Ro gab g~m tra in gresacht laidu~d sin dobert Curio for Cesair,
【S】 Ro gab grem tra in gresacht laiduidh sin dobert Curio fri Cesair,
     Stokes: in gresacht sin & in laidhiudh dobert ⇒ No apparatus!!

【F】 air am~ ardaighter aiccned & metaighter menma inn eich Eliusecda
【S】 air am~ arduighter aicneadh & meduigter m~ma ind eich Eliussecda

【F】 ina coimlincc tre nuall & tre gairib inn locta bis immi da cach leith,
【S】 ina coimling tre nuall & tre gairib in lochta bis uimi do gach leith,

【F】 ce beit acc brisaidh a uchtcran~ remi ar saint ind reta,
【S】 ce beith ic brisiudh a uchtcrand remi a saint in retha,

【F】 as aml~ sin ro medaicc~ saint & ailges in cata I cride Cesair tre nert~ inti Curio fair,
【S】 is aml~ sin ro medaiged saint & ailgus in catha I cridhi Cesair tre n~tad inti Curio fair,

【F】 gerbo mien & gerbo saint les fe~ reime in cath do tab~t.
【S】 gurbo mian & gerbo lai~d leis fei~ reim in cata do tabairt.
         Stokes: laind
 ⇒ No apparatus!!

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