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DBC 6.374 = ICC 3831-2

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DBC 6.360-8
Thus, the marsh is torn asunder and divided into many rivers.
①The Aeas, pure but of little stream, flows westwards to the Ionian sea; and ②the father (=Inachus) of snatched Isis (=Io) slides with no stronger stream; and ③the almost-son-in-law (=Achelous) of you, Oeneus, slits up the Echinad islands with thick stream; and ④the Euhenos, stained with the blood of Nessus, runs through Meleager's Calydon. ⑤The Spercheos strikes the Maliac gulf with swift stream; and ⑥the Amphrysos irrigates with pure stream the pasture of Apollo the shepherd.

DBC 6.374, 369-73 (sic in Housman and al.)
⑦The Asopos, ⑧the Phoenix, and ⑨the Melas accepts their course; [374]
and ⑩the Anauros, which sighs out neither humid vapours nor dew-drenched air nor soft wind,
and ⑪whatever river, unknown per se, gives its waters to the Peneus sea: (namely) ⑪the Apidanos, whose stream is snatched, and ⑪the Enipeus, which is never swift unless mixed. [373]
[⑫the Titaresos... ⑬the Peneus... ⑭the Stygian pool...]

ICC 3828-34
There are also many streams and fearful rivers in this land. Of them is the stream ①Aeas and the stream ★Oeneus (Inaich), and the river ☆Achelous (Achiloin) on which are the Echinades islands, ❺the Malian river, and the river ⑤Spercheus, the stream ⑥Amphrysus, and the ⑩river Anaurus, the river ⑪Apidanus and the river ⑪Enipeus, the stream ⑦Asopus and the stream ⑧Phoenix, the stream ⑨Melas, the stream ⑫Titaresos, and the river ⑬Peneus. The shanachies of Thessaly relate that the source of that stream wells out of the river ⑭Styx in hell.


RESEARCH (1) : ②=★ / ③=☆

Though Stokes is correct in rendering ③ into ☆Achelous (cf. Ov. 7.1ff for the myth)... 
he poorly mistakes for "Oeneus" the 
Inaich, which actually stands for ②"Inachus".
For the myth for ②, see Ov. 1.588-750 and Tesoriero (2000) ad loc.

⇒ How come did the ADP redactor realise these periphrases??
   (... and why only ④ was cut, but ⑤ was doubled????)
Any SCHOLIA clarifies both "Inachus" and "Achelous"
    Stokes' Translation is so careless!! 


RESEARCH (2): line 374

Tesoriero (2000) geographically classifies the rivers into 3 groups:
 (A) ①-④: westwards into the Adriatic
 (B) ⑤-⑩: flowing through south-western Thessaly into the Maliac and Pagasitic gulfs
 (C) ⑪-⑭: flowing through north-eastern Thessaly into Tempe
⑦-⑨ on 374 are doubtless in the (B) group but MSS include them in (C).

While Housman transposed it, Samse (1942) and Masters (1992) are interested in deletion of the line.

⇒ Tesoriero defends Housman from 2 points:
  (i) L's dependence on Herod. 7.198-200
  (ii) L's allusion to the battle of Thermopylae, reminding readers of Xerxes' hubris and megalomania

     ↓  ↓  ↓

Housman & Tesoriero may be right in transposing the line...
 BUT the MS used by the Irish redactor must have had 374 between 373 & 375!!!!
⇒ but since ANY extant MSS of DBC has this order, there's nothing new to show...

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MSS of ICC 567-70

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MS F fol. 11v 23-6 (saec. XV)

MS F fol.12r 1-4 (saec. XV)

MS S fol. 5v b22-31 (saec. XVII)

【F】 Ro gab g~m tra in gresacht laidu~d sin dobert Curio for Cesair,
【S】 Ro gab grem tra in gresacht laiduidh sin dobert Curio fri Cesair,
     Stokes: in gresacht sin & in laidhiudh dobert ⇒ No apparatus!!

【F】 air am~ ardaighter aiccned & metaighter menma inn eich Eliusecda
【S】 air am~ arduighter aicneadh & meduigter m~ma ind eich Eliussecda

【F】 ina coimlincc tre nuall & tre gairib inn locta bis immi da cach leith,
【S】 ina coimling tre nuall & tre gairib in lochta bis uimi do gach leith,

【F】 ce beit acc brisaidh a uchtcran~ remi ar saint ind reta,
【S】 ce beith ic brisiudh a uchtcrand remi a saint in retha,

【F】 as aml~ sin ro medaicc~ saint & ailges in cata I cride Cesair tre nert~ inti Curio fair,
【S】 is aml~ sin ro medaiged saint & ailgus in catha I cridhi Cesair tre n~tad inti Curio fair,

【F】 gerbo mien & gerbo saint les fe~ reime in cath do tab~t.
【S】 gurbo mian & gerbo lai~d leis fei~ reim in cata do tabairt.
         Stokes: laind
 ⇒ No apparatus!!

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